This is a very short period system, which is dominated by emission from the white dwarf, a clear sign for a low accretion rate. No evidence for the secondary, so it might contain a brown dwarf donor. The system is grazingly eclipsing. We expect that it belongs to the WZ Sge stars, having extremely infrequent outbursts (no outburst detected so far), but monitoring will be necessary to confirm this hypothesis. If it has outbursts similar to WZ Sge, it could easily reach 10th magnitude.
finding chart

Araujo-Betancor, S., Gänsicke, B.T., Hagen, H.-J., Marsh, T.R., Harlaftis, E.T., Thorstensen, J., Fried, R.E., Schmeer, P., Engels, D., 2005. HS2331+3905: The cataclysmic variable that has it all, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 430 , 629

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