molly user guide


molly is a monolithic program for handling 1D spectroscopic data written by Tom Marsh. Its prime purpose is for handling large numbers of similar spectra (e.g. time series spectroscopy), but it contains many of the standard operations used for normal spectrum analysis as well. It was written as a replacement for Keith Horne's RUBY, and has many similar functions, but it differs from RUBY in the way commands are called and is meant to be simpler for batch processing.

You can get further information on the following:

  • Issuing molly commands.
  • Selecting spectra by their headers.
  • Help in and outside molly.
  • Internal data and header storage in molly.
  • Customising molly on startup.
  • Memory requirements.
  • Other programs connected with molly.
  • Writing your own molly commands.
  • Setting up molly.
  • Combining molly and Perl.
  • Setting up a database from molly spectra.

  • Tom Marsh, Warwick.